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LIVE Group Classes 4 Times a Week!


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Certified Fitness Trainer
Corporate, Group, and Private Training

For me, being a coach means to truly care about others and help them be their own inspiration.

I am extremely passionate about what I do. My mission is to help you regardless of your age or fitness level. I have broad experience in individual and group training. I love giving interval, bootcamp, strength, stretch, and mobility training.

I’ve been recognized and appreciated for my contiguous energy, passion for people, and the ability to provide excellent instructions and progressions to individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

Join me for an online fitness session!

I guarantee you will leave my class happy, proud, and ready to rock your day!



Team work

“Coach Marta is fun, informative and empowering. She was very attentive to each member of the team and provided the delicate balance of pushing and praising. This is my first time trying metcon and I thought it would be hard. I was right – it was hard but doable. I think Coach Marta was able to cater to the different fitness level in the team providing options for everybody. I’d definitely recommend it for future team events.”

"Marta is amazing. She always has amazing workouts that make me push myself to the limit and has an awesome energy."

"Marta's energy is infectious and her energy drives me to keep up, for me, with slow and controlled movements. I've got a good sweat happening and I feel my muscles and feel circulation is boosted. Thank you Marta, love your workouts, feel wonderful!"

“I wasn’t quite ready for an exertive workout, but it exceeded my expectation:

  • Our instructor had huge energy and did a fantastic job engaging us (whether we were on screen or not)

  • She offered helpful tips and reinforcement for those of us on screen

  • She was spot on and ran a perfect 30 min workout (we were a bit late)

  • I was perfectly happy to sweat in my own home and get instruction via zoom. I may never go back to an in person gym class !”

Corporate Feeedback


Marta is a uniquely gifted trainer and coach!! Her energy is contagious and her classes are fun and powerful. Her passion for people shows through her generosity and care. I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to take their health to the next level to join one of her programs.

Sophie Gingras


Coach Marta has changed my entire perspective on working out. She encouraged me to see working out as a way to fuel my mind, body and soul. 
Coach Marta offers something special in her sessions. They are more than just a workout as she caters her sessions to her clients’ needs.  I highly recommend trying out her classes. You won’t be disappointed

Ashley Sodano

sandy beauty.jpg

I joined coach Marta’s classes as I was in need of some workout motivation. Marta is so amazing! You can really feel her energy and passion to help people better themselves. Her workouts are challenging and super fun! They always leave me sweaty and sore.
I also love that she focuses on both the physical and mental well being of her clients . Since I’ve started, I feel happier, more focused and ready to get to my next workout! It’s just the push I needed and I’m so happy to be a part of her  journey :)

Sandy Mazzilli


I’m a certain age woman ;). Marta is the best coach I ever had! Dynamic, energetic, and always smiling!  When I finish my training, I feel so grateful and happy to start my day with her (I say when I finish because sometimes, I don’t want to train but…I do it and I am really proud at the end! And all this because of her!)
This woman is generous, comprehensive and beautiful from the inside to the outside! In French, we say "un Coeur sur 2 pattes’’!
I will persist in my training, it’s all about the way she is… and I know, I will be there for long!! I will be an old lady in a really good shape!
Thank you Marta to be the person you are.

Sylvie Roy


If you're like me, and you like getting a good burn from your workout, then Marta is the right coach for you! Classes have a great pace and energy, though there are always variations to make sure everyone is keeping up. The sequences are also clear and easy to follow, which makes it fun. I recommend!

Mathieu Vick

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